Child Name: Atanaz Evans T3a

As a long term Australian expat in Abu Dhabi I have been around many other parents and nursery’s here. We have had two children go through Teddy Bear and could not be happier. The staff and teachers are warm, friendly and professional. The facilities and activities are great and the kids are safe. Perfect!

Dr. Daniel Evans
Vice Chairman
Australian Business Group in Abu Dhabi

Child Name: Paz Neto T2d

I have a story to tell. A story of a magic moment that happened 9 years ago when I was fortunate to meet Diana a real magic fairy and her Teddy Bear American Nursery

My baby Luz was months and when we first meet and she showed us the place around. We stayed straight away.
Luz would fell anxious and cry and vomit everyday as so much crying. Diana and her crew always made us feel special.
Then Benjamin came and then Paz came.
We had the best teachers and the best assistants and the best everything.

Drica Rodriguez

Child Name: Khidr Ahmad T4b

The first time I heard about this nursery, I knew there is something great about it. Then after visiting a lot of nurseries and only finding this one nursery which actually gives a second home to kids. I never looked further. I love the fact that this nursery is a big huge family where all are respected and treated well.
A very happy mama bear here.

Child Name: Maryam Qasim T3c

Best Nursery Ever…

It was Maryam’s first experience at Teddy Bear Nursery, and it took her a lot of time to cope with everything around, but her teachers were very patient and helpful. Maryam has a new personality now.. Everyday she’s learning something new, she is a happy girl now.
Thank you so much Ms. Jade, Ms. Lyn and Ms. Alorna, I couldn’t make it without your help.

Lots of Love

Child Name: Mahra Khaled Saif Almazrouei T4a

Best Nursery Ever…

I have been very happy with the nursery. Mahra settled in straight away & it has enjoyed her time there. All the teachers have been wonderful & helpful & the activities, themes have all been great. Mahra has been learning a lot & she especially likes Splash & sports day. I would like to continue there with my son Zayed in September.


Child Name: Hudzon T2d

Both my sons have attended Teddy Bear over the past 7 years with my youngest in his school year. The care Teddy Bear offers is o the highest quality. Their facilities, management and teaching staff are all fantastic which makes it easier on us parents knowing I am leaving my son in safe and caring hands.

Teddy Bear gives my son a safe and happy environment to play and learn in, with everyday being filled with creative and fun experiences. Teddy Bear also provides additional after care fun activities such as football and dance classes taught by qualified professionals which is convenient and comfortable for my son to participate in as he is in his familiar surroundings with friend.

I highly recommend Teddy Bear!!

Jacqueline Platt