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Teddy’s Music Program

Teddy’s Music Program: Our Music curriculum is delivered by our qualified & experienced music teacher who provides the foundation for musical development in our children. With music, children learn rhythm, pace, artistic expression, new words and have great fun. Our program uses specialized & age appropriate musical instruments which supports their need to play and socialize in a creative and exciting way. Learning and play through music also encourages the development of fine motor skills, such as the first grasp and the forefinger and thumb grasp. Reaching for and picking up instruments also helps in the development of hand-eye coordination as well as strength, balance and agility.

Music Room: Our music room and associated resources have been designed to ensure our children get the most from each of their music lessons. The room is fully equipped with a Piano, puppets corner and children’s favorite musical instruments such as the Triangle, Tambourine, Maracas, Guiro, Xylophone and much more.

Parents Participation: Parents are invited to participate in several music sessions here at the Nursery held on different occasions such as Mummy & Me sessions, graduation and end of term parties held at the end of each term.

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