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Key Development Areas

Our unique activities program revolves around five developmental areas:

Intellectual Development: An overall rather than a specific approach is promoted for play, behavior and learning. Children learn how to make choices, make decisions, develop their own explanations for the things that happen around them, develop their own theories and express themselves correctly

Physical Development: Here too, a global approach to the development of overall and fine motor skills is promoted, and the children are encouraged to develop body awareness, discover their own potential and become aware of physical well-being

Social Development: Gradually encourage children to understand self-respect, and respect for adults and other children, to build relationships with others through communication, sharing and cooperation and to negotiate and make compromises

Moral Development: Teach children to live in harmony, reject violence and value tolerance, and to respect others and accept their differences

Emotional Development: Show children affection and encourage children to be affectionate amongst themselves, to be proud of what they can do independently, to be a good winner and a good loser and to express positive and negative emotions.



Outdoor Play Areas

Outside play is very important for our young children, allowing time and space to develop new skills, form friendships, breathe fresh air and have fun... Read more

Partnership with Parents

Children benefit when parents and educators work together. For this reason, parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a priority for us... Read more

Holiday Camps

Children are grouped according to their age. Each class is assigned a teacher and three teaching assistants at all times... Read more
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