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Teddy Bear Nurseries

Teddy’s Classrooms

Spacious & bright classrooms equipped with age appropriate selection of educational toys & resources, providing a stimulating learning and fun filled safe environment for the children. All classes are equipped with a designated cubby per child, age appropriate bathrooms and changing facilities.

Teddy’s classrooms are vibrantly decorated with exciting theme boards which are changed regularly to continuously provide children with a fun and stimulating learning environment.

Teddy’s classroom teams are assembled from qualified and experienced caliber of early childhood educators, assistants and helpers with low children to teacher ratio.

Teddy’s Gymnasium

Teddy’s Gymnasium: At Teddy Bear Nursery, our large gym facility allows for a variety of activities including running, ball sports, climbing, balancing, and other developmental games.
Our gym also hosts a climbing wall and soft play area ensuring that all our teddies have the ability to experience new and different activities.
Fitness Program – Teddy’s Yogi bears for additional fee we also have Kiddy kickers and Tiffany’s Ballet Dance
Kiddy Kickers Football classes with Coach Hassan, a UEFA B qualified coach.
Football activities that exercise elements and include physical development, coordination, motor skills that are age appropriate. Improves movement skills, increases confidence, balance individually and with their team, give challenges where needed.


Teddy’s Music Room

Music Room: Our music room and associated resources have been designed to ensure our children get the most from each of their music lessons. The room is fully equipped with a Piano, puppets corner and children’s favorite musical instrufully equipped with a Piano, puppets corner and children’s favorite musical instruments such as the Triangle, Tambourine, Maracas, Guiro, Xylophone and much more.

Teddy’s Music Program: Children learn musical and social skills in a stimulating environment where they can express their creative talents whilst developing confidence. Songs are simple and allow the children to join in quickly (giving a sense of achievement) whilst teaching all of the key elements of music in a fun and inspiring way. We create, compose, improvise, play along, take turns, listen and explore sounds and voices.  Learning and play through music also encourages the development of fine motor skills, such as the first grasp and the forefinger and thumb grasp. Reaching for and picking up instruments also helps in the development of hand-eye coordination as well as strength, balance and agility.

Parents Participation: Parents are invited to participate in several music sessions here at the Nursery held on different occasions such as Mummy & Me sessions, graduation and end of term parties held at the end of each term.


Imagination & Lego Centre

Learning through play is a fundamental part of a child’s development. Teddy Bear Nursery takes great measures to ensure our young teddies have many activities to inspire and grow their young minds and where better to make this happen then in a our imagination and Lego themed activity centre.

In this room, children are kept entertained constructing Lego models, shopping at the supermarket, cooking in the kitchen and setting up home in the play house.


Six Outdoor Play Areas

Outside play is very important for our young children, allowing time and space to develop new skills, form friendships, breathe fresh air and have fun.

We have five fun filled and unique outdoor play areas each designed with safety and age appropriateness in mind.

Area A – Garden & Hills: Children thoroughly enjoy this park like area, running around on the real grass & hills, learning how to use the swings independently, e and playing games.
Area B – Car Park: fully equipped with balance bikes, trikes, scooters and Didicars where children have car races and learn to set up their own road network in this area.
Area C – Play Houses: fully equipped with playhouses, swings and slides to help children role play and practice gross motor skills as well.
Area D – Sand Play Area: our custom built Sand Pit is a fantastic sand area for children to build and create sandcastles.
Area E – Outdoor Gym: it is another large area able to cater for many capabilities and is often used to host events such as our sports week.
Area F – Water Play Area: there are so many great benefits from water play as it helps with gross motor skills, along with academic learning. The children are able to learn about boating, sinking and measuring. Water play also encourages creativity where the children are able to pretend and use their imagination, while playing with the water.


Water Splash Park

Keeping young ones entertained when the weather heats up can be quite a challenge! Here at Teddy Bear Nursery we beat the heat with our age appropriate Splash Park, equipped with airflow water slide, water play activities and mini water pools. It keeps our young teddies cool and highly entertained.

All equipment is cleaned regularly and water is changed daily to maintain high health & hygiene standards.

Montessori Learning Area

What is Montessori?

The Montessori approach is based upon the natural laws of human development. Maria Montessori observed that children under six absorb limitlessly and effortlessly from the world around them and in so doing lay down all the foundations for later life.

Montessori Learning Area is designed to support our children’s growth and encourage independence. All the materials are child sized and the equipment is laid out in an orderly fashion on low shelves that are easily accessible for the children. Children are invited into the Montessori Area in small groups to further allow the children to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally.

Learning Support Program is an integrated part of Teddy’s Enrichment Program. Our dedicated learning support teacher provides one on one and small group work activities with the children using a wide range of materials & activities already setup in our Montessori Learning Area. Such activities focus on practical life, art & creativity, sensorial , math and language.