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Abu Dhabi Best Teddy Bear Nursery Has Highly Qualified Teachers for Every Child

March 2, 2017

Teddy Bear best nursery Abu Dhabi has a highly motivated team of expert and qualified teachers who contribute to the happy, safe, successful and smooth running of your child’s day at the Nursery. They are selected not only on the basis of their professional know-how and curriculum, but also for their empathy and human touch. They have all undergone an induction period to become fully familiar to our method and attend, on a regular basis, training courses organized by Teddy Bear Nurseries Abu Dhabi. Teddybear-nursery-abu dhabi At Abu Dhabi khalifa nursery and Abu Dhabi bateen nursery, our wonderful and loving staff consists of highly committed and dedicated nursery teachers many of whom are fully qualified teachers and others who hold the appropriate nursery qualifications. We provide lovely atmosphere to each child with best care and education. We learn them with their natural interest. Each member of preschool daycare Abu Dhabi staff regularly participates in training to keep them informed about changes in the education and care sector and to develop their teaching skills. Our team leaders are trained to hold a first aid certificate. Bateen-nursery-abu dhabi There is one full-time teacher and two teaching assistants for each classroom. We have also floating teachers who are always available to give extra help and support in classrooms when needed. These teachers build a close relationship with each child to support their individual needs. This includes learning and development needs but also personal and social requirements. A Key Person’s care covers everything from potty training and dressing to eating and relationships with other children. "We know nothing helps a child learn as much as a great teacher. Great teachers are helping us reach our goal of having every child doing grade level work." As soon as your child joins the preschool daycare Khalifa nursery they will be given a key person and this member of staff will help your child settle in, providing extra attention so they feel at home. As your child gets more settled and grows older, the need for a key person lessens. But it’s still nice to know there is someone whom parents and children can turn to on all needs and aspects of nursery life. teddybea-abudhabi Parents are an important and vital part of the nursery program. Children benefit when parents and educators work together. For this reason, parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a priority for us. We enjoy and look forward to parents helping out in their character building and education on a regular basis. We have an open door policy, please stop by and visit.

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Teddy Bear Nursery – Quality Early Childhood Education in Abu Dhabi Since 2008

January 15, 2016

Welcome to Teddy Bear Nursery in Khalifa City A and Al Bateen– Abu Dhabi, where play is a priority on your child’s educational journey of discovery, learning, exploration and fun. Established since 2008 as one of the first children’s day nurseries to provide quality childcare facility in Khalifa City and Al Bateen– Abudhabi, taking the lead in providing quality early childhood education for the children of the United Arab Emirates. We understand the level of trust you place in us when you enroll your child, and we are committed to provide your child with the best, safe, healthy and the creative preschool environment where your child can develop, observe, learn and have fun! (more…)

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Outdoor Play Areas

Outside play is very important for our young children, allowing time and space to develop new skills, form friendships, breathe fresh air and have fun... Read more

Partnership with Parents

Children benefit when parents and educators work together. For this reason, parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a priority for us... Read more

Holiday Camps

Children are grouped according to their age. Each class is assigned a teacher and three teaching assistants at all times... Read more
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